About vagelis kontzos construction firm

Vagelis Kontzos construction firm focuses on rigorous research and development and leads projects, of all scales and styles, from conceptualization through cost analysis and construction.

Our firm’s experimental attitude searches for the balance between the operational and conceptual space, developing environments that are unforgettable yet performative, remaining always, site-specific, responsive to the current conditions and cost effective. Our open-minded, but rigorous, design process has been shaped by working in Greece, where is no coincidence that most of our work is located.


target-value design

The best projects are the ones you can actually afford to build. We don’t believe in value engineering. We prefer engineering value into your project from the beginning and our process reverses the typical order of operations: You lay out your budget and we’ll develop a design that packs the most value into that number. From early on, you’ll know where every dollar goes.

design build provides value

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