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In a word, everything. We offer full  architecture, interiors, strategy, planning, management & sustainability services. From the first bubble of an idea to the final building, our team of designers, experts, craftsmen and caretakers can get your project completed and cared for.

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VKF’s more than 11 years of experience in setting out and preparing architectural designs is the key to finding appropriate solutions and coming up with proposals that best suit each area and fully meet the needs of each client. Using technologically advanced design solutions, VKF has been carrying out construction projects of a particular aesthetic value that are characterized by their functionality, design and harmonization with the natural environment.
As far as the study of any architectural design is concerned, there is only a single criterion:
man (how we can best serve their needs and create conditions of comfort for them, especially in terms of access and ease for people with reduced mobility).
Furthermore, the use of appropriate materials guarantees the lowest possible energy cost by applying, where feasible, the principles of environmentally friendly architecture. Our ultimate goal is the construction to be in complete harmony with the natural or any other sensitive anthropogenic environment (preserved buildings).
The architectural design includes a site plan, elevations, plan views, technical description of all materials and technologies used, as well as design details where required. At the same time, we prepare a Building Energy Performance study, which shows the energy consumption of the building.
VKF considers architectural design as the most essential step towards designing an area and achieves an up-to-date design, while meeting the needs and requirements of its clients and ensuring the uniqueness of each construction.
Property is one of the most difficult and expensive products to manage on the
market, as buying, selling or leasing it is no easy task.
Our office has been active in design and construction since 2009 and constantly strives to improve the quality of its services.
We are able to provide the most reliable integrated services, no matter how large or small your needs.
In the construction structural designs, VKF provides the necessary technical data and instructions with a view to ensuring the safe technical and economic construction of the project structure.
The structural design includes preparing the necessary calculations and drawing up of plans, tables, etc., required for the construction of the structure, as well as the estimated building cost. In addition to the construction, a structural design shall also be carried out for the repair and reinforcement of old and damaged buildings.
The object of this study is the preparation of all the necessary plans and full-calculation reporting for the construction and renovation of the buildings. We place a premium on this. After all, it’s all in the details!
Photorealistic rendering is one of the best ways to produce a highly detailed representation of a structure, therefore a great tool for studying it before its completion. Thus, its most important advantage lies in the reduction of investment risks by giving prestige to the project, helping to promote sales and preventing structural defects. VKF undertakes the design and 3D visualization of new and existing buildings, as well as interior spaces. The planning of every successful VKF project begins with the study of the natural environment surrounding the construction and the desires, needs and financial capabilities of our clients, always in consistency with the timeframe set down jointly by our firm and the client.

The options we recommend are always in tune with the style and character you wish to give in any part of your property.

Study, design and construction of outdoor space. VKF comes up with and develops ideas to determine all the architectural solutions and applications that will fulfill the actual purposes and objectives of the project.

We carefully study the needs and requirements and we come up with a result that satisfies all the senses. The proper construction of a garden enables it to stand the ravages of time and be in harmony with the natural environment of the region, but it also helps in saving money on reconstructions in the event of a poor assessment.

A building permit is a significant administrative act, which largely determines the way of life and work of the citizens of this country, implements its spatial organization, the way cities and settlements, commerce and transport are developed constitutes a key link between growth and economy as it employs a lot of professionals. Moreover, it can guarantee safe, healthy, comfortable living conditions for the building residents and is generally a very important interference – intervention in the environment, which remains unchanged even after our moving away.

For all these reasons, a building permit should never be dealt with in an offhand way, but always in all seriousness, with the utmost consistency, scientific training and professional dedication.

VKF undertakes the process of legalizing unauthorized structures pursuant to Law 4495/17 currently in force, according to which transferring property and establishing a right in rem is prohibited and completely invalid in property where an unauthorized structure has been constructed or an unauthorized change of use has taken place. Unauthorized structure is any construction that has been carried out without a building permit or, in breach of an existing building permit, it has exceeded the permitted building area, coverage or height, it has illegally changed its use, it has covered the exterior common area or it has other minor urban planning infringements.
Energy Performance Certificate (E.P.C.) is an official document resulting from a study carried out by Certified Energy Inspectors- Engineers; it is issued through the e-services of the Ministry of Environment and Energy and it states the level of efficiency of a building (or a part of it) in terms of energy consumption. This document includes the annual energy consumption per unit of the building area. By conducting an energy inspection on a building, VKF has a clear overview of the building condition; thus, it can provide energy upgrading consultative recommendations that, if implemented, shall reduce energy consumption with an immediate financial impact on the owner of the building.
VKF carries out inspections on property with precision and reliability in order to issue the engineer certificate required for any type of transfer.

A certificate signed by an engineer is required for all property transfers, attesting that the property has no unauthorized structures or any other urban planning infringement.

VKF provides the special engineer certificate that is given a unique identification number (the property’s identification number) and guarantees that both the buyer and the owner are protected from possible contract recision due to building infringements that even the property owner may know nothing of.

Licensing is a complicated and time consuming process. VKF undertakes the inspection of the site (necessary before any action for rent is undertaken to ensure that the site complies with the relevant standards for its operation as a health-regulated or a non-health-regulated establishment) and conducts all necessary studies for the issue of an operating license required for any health-regulated or educational establishment, gym, beauty salon, etc.
Renovating a house is a major investment with long-term benefits for homeowners. Through a home makeover, you can get the fully functional house you have always dreamt of at a lower cost, but, most importantly, one that shall stand the test of time. VKF offers you the chance to integrate current technologies and styles, so as to make your life easier and your property stand out from those available on the market.

In addition to carrying out renovations, VKF provides professional advice on dos and don’ts and suggests smart and novel concepts for the renovation of your home. At this stage, cooperation is essential, as well. The company does not provide you with a ready-made renovation package, but comes up with original ideas tailored for you and only you.

House renovation includes the two following combinations:

  1. Outdoor space renovation:
  • External Thermal Insulation (vertical)
  • Improvement of the exterior building appearance
  • Insulation and repair of the roof or the tiled roof

This type of renovation is necessary if you want to protect your home from the damage caused by time and weather conditions. In addition, it improves the overall look and the energy profile of your home, as a modern home enhances energy and cost savings.

  1. Indoor space renovation:
  • Installation of heating, sewerage and water supply systems
  • Replacement of heating and cooling systems
  • New electrical installations
  • Complete renovation of bathrooms, kitchens and rooms
  • Ceiling and floor renovation
  • Insulation of interior spaces
  • Wall remodeling, painting and / or upholstery installation

The refurbishment of the interior space results in its complete revamp; even the layout of the space may be adjusted so that the area can become practical, functional and relaxing.

VKF has been active in home construction and renovation for over 11 years. The experience we have is a guarantee of the outcome of each project we undertake.

Showing the utmost responsibility, VKF undertakes to carry out all the studies required to come up with specialized proposals and solutions regarding all the potential needs and requirements of a hotel. Our goal is to achieve the optimal outcome for a place that shall combine aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, and design with high quality construction.

The refurbishment of a hotel is a challenge for VKF as our twofold objective is both the satisfaction of the owner and the indulgence of the hotel guests. The tourism industry is highly competitive in Greece, which is why VKF has been long investing in original and novel ideas and the distinctive quality of the projects it undertakes.